Why You Should Advertise Your Brand On Green Radio

There are loads of satisfaction that comes with marketing and advertising your products on GREEN RADIO. GREEN RADIO being an online radio with wide listeners across the globe is a major plus to all advertisers looking for opportunities to  boost their market recognition.

Below are few reasons why advertising your products and brand with GREEN RADIO gives your brand a niche over competitors!

Rich contents and programming

With over 20 programs carefully created to appeal to wider listeners across the globe, plus interactive and exciting measures put in place to make our show not just interesting but also engaging, Green Radio is no doubt a place for you to advertise your brand and product.

Live streaming of Shows

Starting from July 1st, 2022, Green Radio will live stream all live shows. A great opportunity to reach even wider audience. All advertisement also goes live (right in the faces of our audience).


Our advert rate is mouth watering and very affordable. We believe fair share should be given to small business owners and retailers in order to make their  services known to people. We don’t think you should break bank because you want to advertise your brand to potential customers.

Wider reach

The greatest advantage an online radio has over terrestrial radio station is the wide availability of listeners. There are no geographic limitations in online radio,  hence, the chances of reaching out to everyone across the world. Just Imagine  a situation where your products advert is not only heard in Nigeria, but in every part of Africa, America, Asia, Europe and even Australia as long as there is internet connection. Isn’t that amazing?

24 Hours uninterrupted broadcast

Green Radio runs Monday to Sunday, every second and minute, dishing out contents across all Sphere of life. Shows centred around Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sport, Religion, music, Politics, Business, Drama etc. Again, Just image possibilities of what your brand stands to gain by advertising on Green Radio

What are you waiting for.

For more information, contact us via any of our social media handles or send WhatsApp message to 08022522767.

GREEN RADIO: Going the extra mile, bringing the world to you!

2 thoughts on “Why You Should Advertise Your Brand On Green Radio

  1. Nice one and very impressive bt what abt someone having content to anchor on air Green radio

    1. Hello, thank you for reaching out.

      The option of airing program on Green Radio is also available.

      Kindly reach out on whatsapp on 07035901959 for more information.

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