Green Radio, the hub of African content

With a plethora of programs anchored by seasoned hosts for your listening pleasure, Green radio is confidently and gradually becoming ‘ Hub of African content.

From programs centred on health and lifestyle to politics and societal issues, you bet there’s always something to catch and hold your attention as you go through your day.

Here is a line-up of some of our programs:

GREEN MORNING: Your typical morning show with newspaper review, politics,  entertainment,  business, health,  relationship and lifestyle as some of the topics of discuss.

ONE NAIJA : A 15 minute Radio drama aimed at fostering togetherness, unity and Oneness in our great Nation, Nigeria.

REALITIES OF A NAIJA WOMAN:  A program that intends to bring to light the struggles and triumphs of being a woman.

REAL TALK : A show dedicated to have honest and real conversations about matters that concern us as human beings.

EVENING DRIVE : Your typical evening show with loads of music and interesting conversation.

TALK TUESDAY: A program that is centred around the events space / industry in Nigeria.

CHAT ROOM : This is a program dedicated to you our listener. You steer the conversation in the direction you want by sending in questions or issues you want the hosts to talk about and give their own perspective on.

MIND OVER MATTER: This is a show where deep conversations are had on various societal issues.

MY BODY AND I : A program that would educate you on being a total man focusing on every  sphere of man – Body,  soul and Spirit.

PHONE BOOTH: Are you your boo’s boo? This is the question we help you answer on this show.

GIANT STRIDES: This is a program that aims to motivate you and help you be a better version of yourself.

Among others are Council of Elders, Love me i Love you, Ma Famile, Understanding Relationship, Inbox, Playlists, Sport Hub, Rep your club, Totori, Nature of Earth etc.

These and many more are the programs scheduled for your listening pleasure. You can’t afford to miss any.

By Timilehin

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